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Good Email

The people on your email list are trying to tell you something. Are you listening?

Big Data, Applied

Good Email does the data science in the background.  We collect data on emotional tone, readability, send frequency, timing and more. If there’s a way to improve, we let you know – in a way you can understand and take action on.


Multivariate testing for the people. We calculate the sample sizes based on your list’s history.  Just set your content and go to the bar.  When there’s a winner, we’ll send the blast (or hold it until you sober up).

Protects You From Yourself

Good Email does more than spellchecking.  (Though we have a really good one that can figure out proper names from context.)  We check your links, your readability and even your emotional tone. (Seriously, this is cool.) We help keep your list clean so you have the kind of deliverability that makes a mother proud.


Donor modeling applied to paid acquisition.

Connect the Dots

Good Action connects your ad networks, analytics and payment processing to a petabyte scale data warehouse.  The result: Reports that show what you are paying to acquire email addresses and how much revenue you can expect to get back.  (Lifetime Value, Cost of Acquisition and Return on Investment)

Bring Your Friends

Good Action is enterprise software for agencies managing dozens or even thousands of accounts. Every client has their own portal to access reports, upload suppression lists and get relationship advice.  (The last part is in beta.)

Social Integration

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